Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ching's Secret and Indian Chinese recipes

No Indian from India can ever forget the taste of Indian Chinese. From our Chow Mein to Gobi Manchurian, we crave each greasy bite of this "caravan" food. This was a term used in the early 2000s to describe food from Hawker vans - this was mostly Indian Chinese.

In Delhi - NCR, caravans with mostly Nepali chefs on board, sprouted overnight in the mid 2000s and now we are all addicted to this idea of Chinese cuisine. It is, thus, a shock for Indians who venture out of their land to discover the so called authentic Chinese food - sometimes it enchants but, mostly, it horrified the Indian of those days who was still loathe to be adventurous.

Luckily, such Indians managed to keep from starving when abroad thanks to the compassionate efforts of Maggi and its noodles 

and most of all, to Ching's Secret.

One of these days I shall post more about a few of my family's favourite Indian Chinese dishes. But in the meantime just a short word to say that I made Indian vegetarian Chow Mein with Chilli Chicken (the latter using Ching's Paneer Chilli) and I will never forget the way my husband went at it. My son was gallivanting around town at that time and so I was terrified that none would be left for him.

Luckily, my husband's stomach eventually told him to take a break and some little survived for my son. So the next day I made the Chilli Chicken when he was around. Again there was danger as my husband came home before my son sat down to his meal. My peaceful husband who is anything but a glutton again started behaving in a most unusual way and I could only barely manage to stave him off with a small plate of the chilli chicken.

All this is just to warn Indian wives and mothers all over the world to keep their rolling pins handy when they make Indian Chinese as it seems to bring out the beast in our men.

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