Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Street Food Gurgaon between Sector 45 and Sector 31

Around the world, the term Street Food has become a catchphrase for trendy places to eat. As with all the lovely things with which the poor are blessed and which bear evidence to God's partiality to the least of creation always, roadside eats are often far superior in taste to the beautifully presented but soulless repasts doled out in Five Star hotels.

I have recorded here a few of the eateries I pass on my way to the gym, Fitness Freak.

This is the first of them

Mostly frequented by workers from nearby places, it serves as tea shop and diner. I have not seen it after dark, but by noon there is a good crowd feasting on hot meals. They also offer snacks like bread pakoras.

The in-between hours are spent in dish washing.

The Second Joint

This lady prepares a daily meal of rotis and a potato curry. As usual with such places, she also provides tea and minor snacks like biscuits. The poor woman has not been keeping well lately. Sometimes her little son helps her and since a few days I notice that they have adopted a stray pup.

Just before the main road, this meals on wheels has a good following at specific times - mostly tea and snacks.

At the cross roads

Another shack provides a slightly wider range of fried snacks. With a cycle repair shop and cobbler in the close neighbourhood, it's a fairly decent location.

 Across the main road

Inaugurating a series of tea "stalls": On a winter morning, hot tea and a spot of sunshine never did anybody any harm.

The second tea "stall"
The man who operates it is courteous and this is probably why he has the better crowd.

Just before the Huda Market, this one opens the series of stuffed roti joints. The rotis are cooked in the tandoor thus making for a healthier version of the North Indian's favourite breakfast parathas.

Hot on its heels is another of the same kind

This one has the better location - more sunshine. To be noted is that, five years on, I find more young men like this running their own eatery rather than working as "chotu" in that of some fat trader type person.

Journey's end for me is a haven of food stops but this one I pass to and fro from my workout: it is an act of great restraint on my part that I have not yet stopped to have a bite for each day there is a big crowd around it paying homage to what must surely be a gastronomic hit.


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