Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hotel Rajwada, Baner Road, Pune

We've been eating out quite a lot since moving to Pune. And Pune is a city where folks seem to eat out a lot-much like Kuala Lumpur. And last night we dined at Hotel Rajwada

Last night I planned to make Kachoris at home for dinner because there was cooked white Urad Dal leftover from the night before and a friend who'd dropped in for pot luck'd brought over some roasted aloo topped with cheese and a packet of Everest Panni Puri Masala and a bag of Gol Guppas. 


Don't be. It's very simple! I cook something and Mr. X drops in with an agenda of his own. Mr. X loves good food and loves eating out. Mr. X is not given to complimenting people to their faces. Thus, he drops in for dinner with food of his own :D. Perhaps I should buy one of those Hotel signboards which say: No Outside Eatables Allowed! But then I do love when he brings tubs of ice cream and such. Life is never simple. I cook Makki ki Rotis and White Urad Dal and he brings things that just don't go with the aforementioned and don't you tell me that Makki ki Rotis do not belong with Urad Dal 'cause there aint no Sarson ka Saag to be found this time of year in this here part of the world.

Still confused?

Ok. Let's keep it simple: The morning after I awoke to find left over Urad Dal and Paani Puri Masala and Gol Guppas staring me in the face accusingly. I struggled with guilt all day, atoned somewhat by making patties with another leftover dal: A small cup of yellow Moong Dal. Why guilt? Because I had no green chilies, no ginger and no Amchur with which to make White Urad Dal Kachoris to go with the Paani Puris. Clear as ditchwater, right? 

Still confused? Go see a shrink or go back to school. 

Anyway, to cut a long story short, Mr. X phoned us last night to tell us about Hotel Mahabaleshwar and my Hairy Half who was getting quite fed up of my attempts to explain my dinner plans to him, leaped with joy at this escape route and that is how we had dinner at Hotel Rajwada finally.

More confused?

Well, it's like this: we were driving down the road to Hotel Mahabaleshwar and Rajwada was in our way. So, rather than run it over, we decided to try it out.

Truth is, Hairy Half and I have been eyeing it for a while now as we cruise down the tree lined (Half the road is tree lined) avenue that leads to Sanjay Sports Academy where we plan to take up dancing classes: Bollywood Masti or Zumba. So far we've only cruised past and we're probably going to join some time next year. 

But we did get round to visiting Rajwada and so we deserve a pat on the back!

Haveli-like, Rajwada has an inviting look to it. Park your Vahan without breaking into a sweat. Descend and ascend a small regal flight of steps to an imposing old world Darwaza. Step through and step into a dream of ancient splendour. 

Tables are laid out in the huge garden and diners enjoy night skies on the one hand and the golden glow of the hotel on the other. 

I had read a review that spoke of slow service which left me quite unprepared for the fast as lightning service. There were moments where it was almost:  "Pudding-Alice; Alice-Pudding. Remove the pudding!"

A last glug of beer was, for example,hastily snatched off the table and the waiters made haste to dump the last bits of dal and sabzi on our plates. Not the most comfortable of hospitality, to my eyes!

Nor was it very hospitable of one of the waiters to tell Mr. X "Wait!" when asked for some green chilies.

And the food? Passable-not bad. Small helpings add to the general lack of hospitality.

Superb ambience thoroughly ruined by most offhand service.

And don't have a paan from the little cigarette shop outside (BTW the Hotel does not permit smoking): the Mitha Paan was like a stale burfi.


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