Thursday, July 9, 2015

Honey, I shrunk myself!

I’m like Winnie the Pooh when it comes to honey. The very thought makes me drool for hot buttered toast slathered with honey. Soon the pot is empty and I’m pot bellied. A pile of buttered toast will do that to you anytime.
This is how I was when I was younger. In my thirties, I found myself at 75 kilos! Luckily I worked hard to lose the excess but it was not pleasant and often I was so frustrated. Later, for years, I would gain kilos, and again go through a tough time. Over the years I’ve learned to eat sensibly and focus on a good workout. But till now diet was associated with bitter experiences. Not only awful stuff to eat but also a price to pay.

Now, there’s no need to for all that. Help is just a click away.

Though I knew that many who want to lose weight try honey and lime first thing in the morning, I never expected my favourite brand of honey to provide such an easy way to shape up!

In India, most of us have been pestered by the people who remove beehives and sell honey door to door. A couple of years back I was forced to buy from them and till now I have to suffer that honey as they sold me a huge amount. Sadly I’m not sure it is authentic or mixed with some adulterant and also it is hard to store and contaminated by many other things. All in all, I much prefer India’s top brand of honey: Dabur. It comes in convenient bottles in a range of sizes. I even carry the tiniest one when I travel

I was, therefore, delighted to find that my favourite Dabur has a wonderful website now. Full of information and tailored to meet health and fitness needs. There's a 3 clicks diet planner. Enter some basic details and voila! You have your diet and tips and more! Nothing could be easier.

On the very first page of the site, you have options to Ask a Dietician, Take an Expert Advice. If you click on it you get a login page which offers you the option of logging in with Facebook. Thus, you have a personalised consultation to walk you through your weight loss.

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There are also sections where you can find out more about honey and its benefits as well as recipes: Snacks Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Dessert Recipes and Honey Beverages Recipes.

It is commendable that there are also Exercises to Lose Weight, Online Dietitian, and a section called Stay Fit Feel Young

Finding this is serendipity! We've just dropped out of gym and need easy access to simple workouts.

At 55, I’ve managed to become sensible about eating and my weight is not a major issue for me. Yet Honey forms an integral part of my life these days: my beauty routine, the Ayurveda remedies I take, and it helps healing things like ulcers in the mouth.

The health-honey link is well known to us when we have a cold, for example. I always keep a few cloves of garlic finely chopped in some honey and take frequent licks when I have a sore throat or cold. It seems to help a lot.

Honey has so many benefits besides its use to make delicious dishes. I have used the advice from Simple Home Remedies for Common Ailments very often and, below, I’m sharing the pages on honey.

If you click on the photos you can read some valuable information on honey.

So, Busy Bees, buzz off to buy a pot of Dabur today, honey! It’s an all in one blessing.

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