Friday, August 28, 2015

Some Eateries around Ponekkara, Kochi, Kerala

Starting with the canteens within the Amrita Hospital complex, down to the eateries around the entrance, all the way up to the ones across the railway tracks in front of the hospital, this area is a place for tasty, low cost food. In fact, hordes of patients, their families, hospital staff, students of the Medical College and other medical course taught there and other people who either work for the hospital or run a business in that area, all seem to be on an endless eating spree. As if the meals and snacks provided in all those eateries were not enough, there are enough shops and stalls selling snacks, fruit and other eatables. 
 The hospital has two canteens, one vegetarian and the other, non-vegetarian but serving mainly fish and eggs, I think. They are extremely clean and efficient and the food is quite varied and tasty. It's a real sight to see it all functioning so fast! Tea and some other things were available from 5:30 in the morning onwards. Some of the foods we had were nool puttu, appams, pooris, bhaturas, chapati, idli/vada/dosa, meals, kanji and even the infamous "Gopi Manjurian".
As if this is not enough, there is a small canteen inside one of the main buildings which serves South Indian coffee, Assam tea, cheese toast, chapati rolls and other snacks. There is another small stall outside near a line of benches in the gardens and an Annapoorna cafeteria which also serves meals, and a nice outdoor type coffee shop. The last two are very near the entrance.
Sometimes, we went out the back gate and that is how we discovered an eatery run by Biharis-mainly for the migrant labour, the bulk of whom seem to be from Orissa. It serves North Indian samosas, kachoris, and even mooli parathas. And jalebis!
He makes amazing samosas!
The New Malabar Restaurant is nearest the hospital and has an AC room. This was our dinner there. They have a good and varied menu and lots of people from the Middle East eat there as the staff is very multilingual.
On the opposite side of the road there are a number of restaurants and we had dinner at one of those: Fish curry and tapioca. I do not remember it's name, alas. It is more like a bakery cum restaurant and is probably called Krishna Bakery. One can get many local and foreign snacks here.

Facing the hospital are some railway tracks and across them are more eateries. 
Meenu's hotel is a real winner! Service might be slow as I think it's a family run show but the food is out of this world!
The highlight of our stay was the little toddy shop at Ponekkara-such divine toddy! And the little plates of "lickings" (snacks for booze) are devilishly spicy and tasty: fatty pork, prawns, fish curry, veggies, and tapioca.
Of course the two Malls I visited, Lulu and Oberon, both have food courts but I didn't have anything besides South Indian coffee.
We'd looked forwards to attacking the Kochi airport  canteen but it was a minor disappointment as it's only serving chicken in the non veg section. However, their meals are tasty and generous.
The airport itself had some good South Indian coffee.
Before I forget: I also had a very reasonably priced fish curry meal at Mattancherry.
A grand salute to all the lovely and smart lady cops in Kochi! They're helpful, well informed and very able. This is a snap on the ferry on the way back from Mattancherry.

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