Saturday, January 2, 2016

6 Teas From Demetra Beverages - The Shifu Of The Brew

Sometime last year I bought a new brand of green tea at a local specialty store. I loved the packaging and the honest taste of the brew. Remember, green tea is to be taken by steeping a pinch of leaves in some hot water for a bit and sipping. It's a meditative experience and not everyone's cup of tea.

SHIFU Green Tea Regular (100gms cartons loosely packed): "Our customers would find this product quite pleasant with a distinct aroma and taste which is generally not associated with Green Teas."


One evening, I was greatly cheered to find a gift awaiting me.


My husband and I have been married for more than thirty years: the first of our daily rituals is sharing two large mugs of tea. The gift of 6 beautiful packages of tea was superb for the anniversary of our first meeting! 

Shifu Green Tea Lemon would be wonderfully refreshing in summer, served cold. In winter, the hot brew promises warm comfort.

SHIFU Green Tea Lemon (100gms cartons loosely packed): "For customers who like tea with little tanginess of Lemon. Works really well for people who intend to shed some calories."

A tulsi tea is a must for every household: colds can strike at anytime. But the virtues of tulsi far exceed that of a simple home remedy for the sniffles!

SHIFU Green Tea Tulsi (100gms cartons loosely packed): "We consider this to be an all round health package. The merits of Tulsi or the Holy Basil along with Green Tea is something not to be questioned. It can be considered to be the traditional health beverage in every Indian Household."

Mint tea is a very stylish concept and a sure hit year round. The chilled version evokes a sultry decadence while the hot one suggests hill station indulgences.

SHIFU Green Tea Mint (10 Tea Bags): "Cools you down during summer. A soothing Health drink."

Fitness is here to stay and a Lemon flavour green tea bag would be just the dip before an early morning workout. It would equally be a blessing after a heavy Sunday brunch.

SHIFU Green Tea Lemon (10 Tea Bags): " Adds a different flavour to your daily health routine."

Just plain green tea is, frankly, my cup of tea and I like tea my way wherever I go. 

SHIFU Green Tea Regular (25 Tea Bags and 100 Tea Bags): " For people who are always on the Go! Conveniently Healthy!"

Hotel teas never quite make the cut for me and so I always carry an electric kettle when we travel. And tea bags. And milk powder and sugar cubes. 

These days I throw in a handful of Shifu Green tea regular tea bags for all the in-between teas after our obligatory morning two. 

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