Sunday, September 18, 2016

Breakfast and Coffee at Pune Airport, August 8, 2016

Most often I prefer to pack food for a travel, given my tummy woes. Those picnic meals have been delightful!

However, this time round, our gas cylinder ran out and the spare cylinder insisted on leaking.

I was quite grateful as it prevented me from embarking on a wild cooking spree. 

And so it was that the first thing we did on reaching Pune airport was to head for the new restaurant: Sugardough.

The place is quite nice but the food (idli, vada) was quite indifferent.

The decor is cheerful enough and it's quite relaxing to sit around there with a group of friends and chat the time of day away as some Air Asia staff were doing.

Service is slow though there seem to be enough people to handle the work. You can get all the very same stuff you see all over the airport - nothing new or unique to Sugardough.

I'm always tempted to buy something out of the above kind of offerings but am worried that I'll be paying more.

After breakfast, we checked in and then it was time for some coffee. Not too bad but how delightful it would be to be able to have some Indian filter coffee. Why can't we have an Indian Coffee House at every airport in India?

So far, Pune airport has not proved itself much in terms of F&B.

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