Friday, November 25, 2016

Demonetization Strikes On My Birthday: Budget Eating In And Around Amigo Plaza, Colva, Goa

It was my birthday and we were in Goa for a day or two of lazing around.

November 8, 2016, will be outstanding in the memory of many Indians! That night, it was announced on TV that one could no longer use Rs. 500 or 1000 notes!

 As it is we were pretty broke and I needed to find budget places to eat and enjoy.

Fresh fish above all!

I had surfed loads of restaurant reviews to find where's best, which one would suit us. Amigo Plaza, where we were booked, had a lot of eateries very nearby, according to Google Maps.

It was afternoon when we reached. We first walked across the road to a little tea shop and had a decent chai for some Rs.10 each. Then, we set out to explore and it was very exciting to see all the places I had noted online! 

The famous Leda which was too expensive for us and many other such fancy places are to the left of the little road from Amigo Plaza. Most of these places cater to the Russians.

All over the place you see Russians of all shapes, sizes, ages, genders and more, dedicatedly "enjoying"  a beach vacation. And I was much reminded of Soviet posters one saw as a child and of a hilarious comedy film I watched as a child.

Besides Leda, there are several hotels which also offer food such as the Sea Pearl. This place had a good crowd of Russians come sundown and had a menu written in chalk in Russian. It looked tempting but the prices were forbidding!

At the end of this small road you will come to the road to the beach! And that road is simply lined with eateries!

My husband kept eyeing Roof Top wistfully! Another time, perhaps...

Along with eateries, you find tattoo parlours and trinket shops. And more places to stay.

The weather was pleasant, even a bit chill and we only tried getting into the sea once but found it a bit too brrrr for us. However, the weather made for a good appetite.

On the 9th we were on tight purse-strings and so we had an interesting and cheap breakfast at a makeshift stall near our hotel. It was run by a Bengali and, while we ate, we chatted with a young man from Tamil Nadu and another from Karnataka.

A two egg omelet made on bread! With curry! Very cheap and filling and fresh and served with love.

All our tea needs were met by such places which one can find along the road and there are plenty near the beach too.

Though there are many fancy and expensive places to eat at, this part of Colva abounds in very decent and budget places where you can get excellent food.

Sagar Kinara is very popular with Indian tourists and provides passably good fare, both vegetarian and non, at quite reasonable costs. The service is good and it's a nice place to have a meal with family or as a couple or with friends.


Manisha, as with many other places here, offers fresh fish. But this place comes well recommended and is also decent in terms of cost.

Last but not least, we managed to enjoy some good celebratory moments at 49ers!

Lovely Feni! Great food at amazing prices! Great view of the sea! I'd say the best time is lunch or breakfast - serene and to die for. But, apparently, it's also very popular at night with music and all.

I want to visit here again!

And let me end with the sad thought that I could not get to eat at Amigo Plaza because they would not accept debit card payment. Their breakfasts smelled really good and I'd have loved to sit in the open breakfast area and lazily enjoy the morning! You can also do that near their swimming pool and I saw many people relishing this comfort. 

So where in Goa would you suggest I next visit?

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