Saturday, March 4, 2017


Croquettes With Leftovers

My recent addiction to Japanese drama finds me a fan of the croquette! 


3 medium sized potatoes
4 tablespoons leftover spaghetti/pasta with sauce and all - heat it to dry off excess liquid and further squeeze it out when cool, else the croquettes risk not holding together. Save the liquid to moisten the bread 
1 slice bread
Vegetable oil or any preferred cooking medium. These days I prefer ghee or coconut oil.
Cheese, optional
1. Boil, peel and thoroughly mash the potatoes 
2. Trim the crust off the bread 
3. Use any liquid in the leftover spaghetti to moisten the bread 
4. Squeeze out any excess liquid from the bread and blend it well with the mashed potatoes 
5. Season the mashed potatoes to taste with salt and pepper and any other dry seasonings you like
6. Separate balls of mashed potato and heaps of spaghetti to match ­ the amount of potato mix should always be much more
7. Make a kind of hollow in one ball and gently place a bit of spaghetti there. Cautiously draw the potato mix so that it covers the stuffing.
8. Do the same with the rest and shape the croquettes 
9. Heat the oil well ­ test by dropping a small piece of the potato mix and see if it rises quickly 
10. Lower the fire a bit and gently slide in a croquette 
11. Cook for a few minutes and gently slide over to cook on the other side 
12. Serve with onion rings, slices of lime and buttered bread 
Watch how it's done on a Youtube video

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