Thursday, June 29, 2017

A New Chocolate on the Block

The other day I had to go get some root canal done. The angst before the deed was worse than the real thing and that called for some celebration.

I go to and swear by Sabkadentist, a chain of dental clinics across india. They have a cozy professional set up. At least where I visit, which is at the Aundh clinic.

The place is really clean and relaxing and I’m happy to say the toilet is good too - there actually was toilet paper!

As for the dentists, they’re very professional and very human. My father would have been fondly proud of them as part of the Medical fraternity. My dentist is the pleasant and able Dr Kirti. She sets me at ease and I feel safe. My tooth and jaw are not sore after her work. All in all, she upholds my faith in our doctors.

I’ve used Sabkadentist, once Mydentist, for more than a few years now, mainly using their free dental checkups. I’ve even had one occasion to cross check their work and it was found to be on par and as would be professionally the thing to do.

Tooth apart (not really - root canal saves what’s left of a tooth), let’s turn to more toothsome matters.

Pune is always heaven and it creates a new dimension in delight in the monsoon. Aundh is one of the nicest places to amble through in a city with many such areas. Aundh in the gentle Paus (rain in Marathi) of Pune is dreamy.

Soon I was near the Gaikwad Petrol Pump and discovered that there was a new shop. It was little place but nicely lit inside. Temptingly arrayed goodies beckoned on every side and a glass bowl of toffees is divine topping on the experience.

The lady who runs it explained that she specialises in homemade products and I can vouch for her amla rose petal jam. It’s an absolute treat even as a spoonful down the throat. Neat.

However, I will never forget the shop because I also bought a pack of chocolates. Paan chocolates.

They are so good I feel like using unparliamentary language to express the rating. The pack is modern and elegant and each chocolate is in a bright green pack. The sensory explosion of biting into one is addictive. The taste may be too strong for some but it’s a definite adult treat.

I’d love to be offered some after a fantastic dinner at a hotel or at some home. On a plane. Anywhere.

A pack of Mazaana Paan would be a terrific monsoon gift - evocative and sensuous.

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