Thursday, April 5, 2018

Kerala Fast Food's Kerala Spice

We decided to eat out the other day and decided to go Malayalee. 

At one time, it was not easy to find food from the region in other parts of India. And, when one did, it was quite indifferent in quality and taste. Luckily, Pune, when we moved here, already had quite a few Kerala food eateries scattered around town. We've, basically, only eaten at a couple of them. Including one Onam Sadhya which I suspect was organised by the same restaurant. 

By Irvin calicut, via Wikimedia Commons

Recently we've had a weekend lunch or two at Kerala Fast Food's Kerala Spice

It's always a challenge to provide pictures of the whole experience in an eatery - one hesitates to make people uncomfortable by clicking pictures which might include them. And, if the food is good, it's hard to take a picture beforehand. 

The service is pleasant. The owner( the young man at the counter) is courteously attentive and accommodating. Enjoying a relaxed meal is one of the USPs. There is always a crowd of families, groups of friends, couples and the odd lone eater or two. Everybody studies the menu avidly and orders from a variety of parottas, rice dishes, meat, chicken, fish and diverse vegetables. They have a decent list of beverages and a few routine desserts.   

The Kerala Parotta is a common order and these lads do a splendid job of it. You can buy them, readymade, in the shops but somehow I find those indigestible. It's a complicated procedure. However, here's how you make them:  

We generally order one of those and an appam. There are mixes that you can buy to make them at home and this is what we do, often. Though it's almost as easy then, as a dosa, there's nothing like just ordering it for it goes well with the Kerala gravies.

The food is good and I love ordering a pineapple juice appetiser and a Sulaimani Tea for after. 

As summer has set in, even these rare visits to eateries come to a halt. The latest fad with us is ordering in from a local tiffin service. And I shall share more about that in the next post.

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