Friday, April 6, 2018

Memorable Slivers of Chennai - December 2016

On the flight to Chennai, as has now become usual for us, we enjoyed a delicious lunch up in the sky - our own home food! And it was only later in the journey that we found we had meal paid tickets. So we used those to buy a box each of cashew and almond as snacks for later.

Due to some mix-up or mess-up, we found ourselves having to fend for ourselves so far as dinner was concerned on our first night in Chennai. We were in an institutional area, rather cut off from things. 

A small walk led us to a little tea-shop where we enjoyed some really splendid black tea with mint and lime and honey.

A young man at the stall gave us some directions and we soon found our way to a little street filled with shops and eateries. 

It was a nice evening walk with hoary and venerable trees lining the peaceful and fairly deserted roads - it was a Sunday. Also, it's an institutional area, relatively free of commercial activities. 

We settled on Sri Durga Bhavan and placed our order. The young chef was busy and dynamic, whipping up take away for other customers too.

A lone seated customer graced the inside. We were a bit too early in the night and I imagine the area comes to life in an hour or so.

There are a good enough number of eateries on that little road and all of them were slowly warming up for the night. Some are family run like the 'mess' below.

We set off for our guest house with our packed dinner. The whole area was slowly stirring into life.

Soon, the shops petered out. The last one was a Modern Bread outlet. Modern Bread was one of the first packaged commercial breads I encountered. We probably picked up some yogurt here.

A last lonely cart enticed with promise of fried snacks and hot tea. With so many students around, late night study sessions would demand such fare.

A lonely car amused us with the slogan on the rear window. Amen!

And then, alas, it was a stretch of garbage - however, I do believe that's been cleared up recently. 

Chennai still boasts its pigs as did the Pondicherry of my youth. Obelix should head here!

The next evening we had a tea at this little family run tea stall. 

However, that night, we had a little feast in our room!

At our workplace we got to have some amazing drumstick soup.

Try it for yourself!

And vadas are forever in South India. They also taste best there.

Of course, the best part of many a city is the airport! Chennai airport has some nice eateries now. 

Chennai has many wonderful places to eat at but with my small appetite and reluctance to move around crowded cities, I'm happy with my experiences at places that don't get visited - places where the real people eat. 

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