Saturday, April 7, 2018

Trying a Tiffin Service - Pune

Tiffin is a very Indian word. When I was much younger it mainly meant a kind of snack. And this was usually reserved for the in-between meal tea times. There are spectacular homemade savouries and, on special occasions, a sweet too. 

By [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons
A tiffin box is another matter and can range from a small one-dish container to a towering set of containers. A tiffin box is meant to be carried along.

And then there's the tiffin service. Possibly more famous this side of the country since the Mumbai dabbawala is a hoary tradition. However, it must be popular all over the land, now, as more leave home to study and work.

For us, the decision to try one out was an impulse.  We found a local number and began a week back. Since we are both small eaters, one meal more than sufficed. 

The lunch comes in an insulated carrier container as seen above. It's a sturdy contraption and there have been no mishaps. The food is still warm when we eat it an hour after it's delivered.

The little containers have a plastic cover with a small arrangement that keeps them airtight. Often there is a little plastic packet of what I presume is methkoot.

There are four rotis for a person and that's already a lot for us. The rotis are made 'Bombay' style with a light coating of oil. As my mother was Punjabi, I'm somewhat fussy and prefer freshly made phulkas but anything is better than a trip to the kitchen!

The rice supplements our dinner. We are both at the age when it is wise to eat smaller amounts but I would not say that we deny ourselves anything. Eating a light lunch allows for a little snack with tea. If one does not make these small barters, then it is no use struggling with health or weight issues that ensue from the way most of us all over the world eat today.

Some kind of bitter bean and a root vegetable in a crushed coconut masala 

The best part is the vegetable dish. It's usually made in the local style. It's quite spicy for me. This dish is different every day and each one has been fairly new to us. Even the stuffed eggplant, a local specialty, was not really the same as I've had before. The gravy was thinner. The helpings are not lavish but enough for one person with a hearty appetite.

There is a different lentil used each day. We've even had rajma, red beans. As you can see, it's a watery preparation but, again, that's better for the health.

This meal is surely a specimen for the diverse tiffin services around town. At 70Rs per meal it's quite decent. The delivery person was regular and professional. 

We used Nivedekar Tiffin - 98229 18229. This would be good for the vicinity only, perhaps. 

Now, this is not so much about promoting this service but to tell you that tiffin services might be a brilliant way to get to know local cuisine. 

Since we are in Pune, it's Maharashtrian - enjoy the video!

A friend uses Urban Clap for the service. Wherever you are in India, it's not going to be too hard to find and use a tiffin service. The convenience rocks. 


Anagha Yatin said...

Seems to be one good alternative to giving on self a break from kitchen job!Thanks for sharing the information.

Gita Madhu said...

Thank you so much for reading, Anagha. It is also a good opportunity for entrepreneurship for some, including housewives and other ladies.

Compared to the other places we can order food for home delivery, this tiffin service may be a more comfortable option.