Saturday, July 28, 2018

Many a Feni at Spicy Bar, Carmona - Zen and the Art of Paddy Field Bathing

Forest bathing is in vogue, a panacea to the many ills of modern life. If there's no forest in sight, paddy fields do the trick as neatly. 

Spicy Bar, Carmona, nestles amidst these verdant stretches. The soothing silence is only now and then punctuated by a rare passing motorist on the narrow, but not straight, little road that runs through the fields. Now and again, a man will holler at his buffaloes or dogs will break into barking. But, as for most of the time, it's only the birds and, perhaps, the sea. Indeed, one day, a cyclone was announced and the winds were quite breezy with their tunes.

At other times, we, or other patrons, played some music off our phones. Sometimes, people spoke to each other but, otherwise, there is such an air of sanctity there that one reduces words and becomes lost in the sound of one hand clapping.
Our days in Varca, this June, often began with time on the beach. The area has splendid stretches of spotlessly clean sand and mornings saw blissful walks along the shore. After that, a warm shower, some hours of work and off we set for Spicy Bar.

Besides the three meals of the day, we often enjoyed a snack at Spicy Bar.

Sole fish and feni
The owner is a dog lover and feeds the lot that loll around with buns. However, that does not mean it's gone to the dogs!

We had a couple of other dishes and sometimes had to ask to doggy bag leftovers. And that took care of a dinner or lunch.

Such a dish was ample 

We met some very nice people at the Spicy Bar. First and foremost is young Maruti who serves with a handsome smile and who is, basically, the sole engine of this shrine. We also met people who live in and around Carmona and they were kind enough to recommend places to eat at. I would say that it would be hard to find such civil human beings at other such places in India.

Large helpings!
This place holds a special place in my heart and it is now our third trip to Varca and the charm grows!

After this short sacred ritual, we'd be off for lunch - and you can read about those in a previous post.

It is these modest little places that turn out to be gems, not the gaudy, expensive, and noisy tourist traps. 

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