Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Delicious Food from Midnight Diner

Midnight diners have always been popular with second show audiences and travelers in India. And we do have food shows which cover all kinds of places and phases of day.

However, though we have a rich culture of food, we have few or no dramas or films where food is the main theme. And it was only when I started watching Japanese dramas that I found that they devote whole series to food. There are too many of them for me to list but I will introduce you to a few of my favourites. Let's start with Midnight Diner or Shinya Shokudo.

The show is exquisite. With each episode, regulars and newcomers visit the Midnight Diner and each episode showcases a dish.

Episode One has Tan-Men:

We have Nekomanma in Episode Two. Since this 'cat food' - neko is cat in Japanese - is too simple, I cannot find a video of the recipe.

And Episode Three deals with Tonteki:

With Episode Four, we come to Potato Salad:

The Butter Rice in Episode Five is, also, too simple and, so, let's move on to Katsudon, Episode Six.

Episode 7 brings us the humble Egg Sandwich:

Midnight Diner has become quite a hit the world over and further seasons were released. It is interesting to note that, usually, a J dorama has no more than some eight episodes but their food dramas end up with many seasons. 

Other seasons of Midnight Diner also feature fine recipes and here are some from those:

Hot Pot for One

Cream Stew

Last but not least the famous Omurice!

Midnight Diner is on Netflix and I hope you'll watch it soon! 

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Neeraj Kumar said...

Learnt something new today... I mean the way the food has been to centre- stage to the series T.hanx for sharing.

Gita Madhu said...

Thank you for visiting and reading, Neeraj. Yes, it was new for me too, when I began watching Japanese and Korean TV shows.

I always thought a good story had to have loads of action - crime, love and all that. However, these 'food' stories often do well even without all those extraordinary events :)

I hope our film makers will watch shows from other parts of the world instead of just the US.

Please try and watch Midnight Diner - I'm sure you will love it