Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Marooned by the Monsoon? Five Dinner Options in Varca

Varca gets very rainy in June. And that is when we were there last. In fact, June is when we've been going there for the past few years. So we were well prepared.

The area is not as tourist-oriented as other parts of Goa. And we spotted many unfortunate holiday makers marooned outside fancy resorts, caught in the sudden downpours that spell the season. All togged up, these people had nowhere to go with no transport to hire in sight.

For us, there was no problem during the day. But, as the sun goes down, when heavy downpours are frequent, it's not fun to drive around, clad in raincoats! On earlier visits we have been to Kinara for dinner. But, on that visit, the rains were not as frequent or as heavy as they were this June.

Kinara is really handy for tourist or local alike. The little darling of a place has already found mention on this blog and, while it does deliver, we were a little outside the ambit this time. 

This time, however, we mostly ordered in. The hotel had two menus and those served us quite well for the duration. 

I have not visited either place but the food was hot and tasty and wonderful for the wet weather. We could catch a film on our laptop whilst munching away and, outside, it would be raining cats and dogs mostly.

Feed More was one such. However, it opens for orders only at 8 pm and the delivery is slightly slow.

So, we mostly ended up ordering from Vicksunn Food Point. For the two of us, as we eat lightly, it came to a little under Rs 200. We ordered butter naan or garlic cheese naan and one was more than enough for us at our age. The main dish would be chicken or fish. 

Looking at the map I wonder if this place used to be called Arturos. 

A couple of times, we brought back dinner from two popular food carts. 

The Moses Orlim fast food center is pretty famous. When we went there, it was around six in the evening and there was a goodly crowd. Mostly locals and a few tourists like ourselves who had discovered this gem off Google Maps. Families and groups of friends were ordering like there's no tomorrow. A set of ladies had come all the way from Calangute, more than an hour away! 

They have all kinds of fillings and we chose a couple. There are all sorts of condiments to garnish the finished creation and, as we watched them in action, we chatted with a couple of young boys working for one of the hotel booking sites. 

Another day, we got some food packed from a food truck that comes and parks near the road in the evenings. It basically has foods similar to the Moses Orlim fast food center. 

It's opposite Cowboy's Family Restaurant, which we've not tried yet though it was recommended by a fellow shopper at Magsons Gourmet, a great little supermarket in Varca. 

With a little effort one can even imagine getting something from there and whipping up an easy dinner at the hotel, since many now do keep some basic cooking arrangements. And that is the fifth option that I can give you - we used leftovers from lunch and with the microwave and the stoves provided it's easy to have a tasty and filing meal.

Now dinner's done, we shall loiter around Varca one last time, in search of snacks for the monsoon. Cheers till then! 

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