Saturday, November 7, 2015

Random Snacks, Pune, October 25, 2015

India has a vast range of snack foods. That's just because it's such a huge country and, every few yards, you have diversity. 
     Pune, in particular, harbours a whole host of snack food shops and eateries, and it's not just Maharashtrian fare. There's more than adequate representation of North and South, and, obviously, of the West, but it's also not too hard to find the East, too.
     I'm a major fan of snack foods, especially the Indian ones. Most weekends, we cruise around in the afternoon, and, more often than not, return home with some goodly booty.
     Here's a random sample of one such weekend:
Clockwise from top: Kerala Meat Fry, Bakarwadis and Yam Chips

Friday, October 24: 
He returns home with Bakarwadis, a gift. I've only first eaten them here, in Pune. I can't get enough of them. 
5:30 PM: 
We find ourselves on Ambedkar Chowk, Aundh Road, Khadki, Pune. Behold, yon Sarani Kerala Fast Food. He, of the we, decides he needs some Kerala meat fry! 
5:45 PM: 
We remember that we need coffee and head for the nearby South Indian shop. Chena chips, we cannot resist. 
I rarely venture to try to make this dish as it's one of those deceptively easy ones. Those are always guaranteed to end up disasters. However, long, long ago, I had a great recipe from a friend. I must remember to ask her for it again. 

Neither of these recipe will produce the chips we ate. I love Elephant Foot Yam. Which is bizarre since it's a pain to peel and not really possessed of character. Ah, well, my next post will probably be about this itchy root vegetable.


This is a truly wicked treat! Spirals, layers, coconut, poppy seeds, flavour! 

A box or pack of Bhakarwadis would make a fine gift if you're visiting folks out of Pune, or anywhere else in Maharashtra. Come to think of it, I'd love to get some this Diwali.  

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