Thursday, July 7, 2016

Kubera Garden Restaurant, Pune - A For Ambience

At one time, my son was ever eager to visit cheap bars/pubs... And I had the opportunity to visit at least some in our early days in Pune. The most "atmospheric" of these was one at Parihar Chowk!

Having often seen the place, I was quite excited when we visited Kubera Garden one afternoon for some beer and a late lunch.

I have no particular memories of the place and I'm posting this entry because, when we passed it recently, it looked a bit refurbished - at least on the outside.

The inside is quite quaint. "Art Work" decorates some walls.

Booze Posters adorn the rest of the view while sundry cats wander desultory in search of scraps.

I can't say much about the cost as Pune is anyway expensive so far as booze goes.

The place was not crowded but that might have been because it was not the right time.

The food was not so bad but not memorable.

Looks like we had Masala Pappad and Banjara Kebabs.

Such places are fun if one goes in a large group and is not fussy but otherwise one wonders how and why they exist.


UK Fashionablefoods said...

Nice review , thanks for sharing..😃

Gita Madhu said...

Thank you so much for reading!