Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Nibble At The Seagull, Mattancherry@F&B

Last year when I visited Mattancherry I was alone. It was something of an adventure for me as I went there alone by bus. I crossed the railway tracks from the Amrita Hospital and, asking around, I caught a bus to the Marina. It was unbelievably cheap and I was also told that there are more comfortable buses, also very reasonably priced. Alas, it's a little hard to ask around and get such relevant information.  
"The Orange Bus are low floored and air conditioned. They are comfortable and cost Rs 10 for first 5 km and then Rs 2 for every km. The Yellow Buses are non air conditioned low floor buses. They link almost all the suburbs to the city centre and are ideal for budget travellers. "
It was mainly to enjoy the ferry that day.

 I ate at a very humble place, a very reasonably priced meal. I can't say it was memorable but neither do I feel that I would get anything I would really like in a fancier place. That's just fussy old me!

However, this time, we were told about The Seagull

The weather was very hot outside and this place seemed so welcoming.

A nice wash at the sink you can see and a quick visit to a fairly clean loo and we headed in for a seat next to the waters.

The decor is quite enticing!

Although there was a good crowd one could sit alone and enjoy a good book, great views and some indifferent beer, more or less chilled. I do wish they had good Kerala Toddy on the menu but for that you'd have to go to a quaint and not so clean place in Ponekkara.

The Kerala Government seems to think that it is worthy to provide beer, an obnoxious and gassy drink, rather than the goodness of Toddy.

We perused the menu.

These prawns were incredibly spicy and I think I'm still recovering from that onslaught. I should think that the waiter would ask how spicy we wanted the dish in such an establishment.

But the view is terrific and it's a nice place all in all.

I look forwards to re-visiting Mattancherry or one of those places to which the ferry goes this month and hope to discover some more beautiful places.


Sims said...

Small beautiful town isn't it. I had been to Seagull on a rainy night. :)

Gita Madhu said...

Yes, indeed! On a rainy night it must have been wonderful!

Namrata Patel said...

Thanks for such kind of best details. Really this is very amazing information.