Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Places to Eat at, Carmona, Goa

It seems to have become a habit for us to spend our wedding anniversaries in Goa. This year we were in the divine Carmona, at the fabulous Lazy Frog.

We had the free breakfasts at the Lazy Frog and they were nice for me but they were a bit bland for the hairier half. However, I found it heavenly to nibble at the toasted sandwiches, and eggs on the side in the little open air cafe, near the swimming pool. After, we carried our filter coffees to the terrace, to sip at leisure amidst the treetops. As for free breakfasts at hotels, it’s hard to please all but I’ve mostly enjoyed what was dished up both here and at OCean Suite. At Amigo Plaza, we were not on the free breakfast plan but it smelled real good.

We had a wild adventure on the first day. Online, the word was that the beach was some 10 minutes away. The rains had not begun and it was quite hot. We walked and enjoyed the rural surroundings but there was no sign of the sea! And we also took a path to a dead end the first time round.

We came back to the Carmona road and asked and toggled off expecting the sound of the surf to hit our thirsty ears anon. However, as the road showed no sign of the ocean at its visible end, we halted, sensibly, at  where we had a couple of wonderful fenis (not all feni tastes the same). There was no food in sight, though.

Thus fortified we trudged down a marvellous road with green fields on either side and soon came across the famous Rebello’s Temptations. Alas, we took our trip in the off-season and so the place was rather deserted. But the lovely lady owner assured us that we could have our wedding anniversary lunch there the next day. But it was not lunchtime for them as yet.

And so we walked on and on and on and by then we were quite exhausted and a kind soul pointed out where we could have lunch. This happened to be the Colonia Jose Menino Resort.

The restaurant was open but, again, being off-season, the staff was unprepared. They very kindly made us some fish and prawns and rice. While it was nothing to write home about, the lady at the restaurant was very sweet and I appreciate that they whipped up something for us.
The place has not many good reviews as a stay but seems very low cost. And there’s a pool. And it’s near the beach which we didn’t get to see as we were really tired by then and had the long trudge back to face.

I was quite proud of us for the adventure at our age!

Dinner was at the Lazy Frog that day: Fish and Chips. It wasn’t too bad, really.

By the next day, we had a bike on hire from Lazy Frog and it was an excellent one.

This was our wedding anniversary and it was raining. I wasn’t keen on riding in the rain and so we borrowed an umbrella and had a romantic and lovely walk to Papa Joe’s. As it happened the Temptations was closed that day due to some family errands.

The ambience at Papa Joe’s is excellent and we enjoyed our fenis and lunch. It’s a really lovely spot set within a garden and must be a big hit during season.

Just outside is a wonderful little bakery: Around the Corner run by a lovely lady and would be a fine place to order in from also. She mainly cooks to order.

Dinner was probably again at Lazy Frog - a local dish - chicken cafreal?

During one of our outings we came across the famous Veenional and lovely young man told us of a wonderful place by the riverside. Roy, at the Lazy Frog, told us how to get to the river.

That is a most amazing ride - the one across the bridge there! And we had lunch at the Seaman’s Nest - ladyfish in butter and garlic. It’s one of many eateries there, all on the riverside.  As we sipped our fenis, a boat lazily went past with a man and a lady paddling it serenely. The views in many eateries this side are memorable.

We had dinner at a tiny local eatery that night. While the food was simple but good there were a great many insects. It’s a little place on the main road just across from the Lazy Frog and run by a family - grandma to grandson and everyone in between.

We finally had a grand lunch at Temptations and a drink that was new to us: Dudh Sherry! It tasted of cinnamon to me. While there we were greeted by a set of folks from the UK and I do feel one of them was a fellow Tripadvisor reviewer.

The best thing about the Temptations is that it's in the middle of fields, almost. It’s a relaxing experience.

We also ate at Starlite but it has neither much of a view nor was it outstanding in the culinary sense. But not worse than the others either.

Finally, we discovered the well-known Kinara and, somehow, ended up going there for dinner most nights. We kind of never got around to ordering in. Though it had begun to rain every day and almost all day each time, we loved our rides. And bought ourselves and umbrella and a raincoat!

Now, Kinara was the only place that seemed to always have a goodly crowd even in this off season.

The menu is extensive as in all Goan eateries but we stuck to their North Indian dishes and the food was always piping hot and quite a worthy replication of Delhi food.

My delicate digestion prevents me from being adventurous on such holidays, alas. And, in the final analysis, I do feel like taking a page from my Korean bestie’s book and finding a place to stay where I can cook some simple meals. What one really craves is fresh seafood and some hot rice. And like the Russians in Goa that I saw at Colva, perhaps it’s a good idea to buy fruit and subsist mainly on those.

Besides upset tummies which are an occupational hazard of travel, such steps would also ensure health and fitness for anyone.

That said, if you’re in that area, Kinara is a pretty safe bet. For the Indian tourist as well as for others.

Papa Joe's, Temptations and Seaman's Nest all rock and there are many places for all budgets.

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